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Put a Bullseye on July!!

Put a Bullseye on July

  It’s been a packed full month of action for Bullseye Power customers. A lot has been going on and still much more to look forward to in August! We take it back a couple weeks to the Battle Creek Speed Fest held at W. K. Kellogg Airport, during the Battle Creek Field of Flight Air Show and Balloon Festival. This event was amazing to say the least. 
  We had two competitors in the field. Clark Rosenstengel brought out his untested fresh build to the event. Monday, the week of the event the motor went in, Tuesday it came out, Wednesday it went back in, Thursday it was loaded. The car went down the strip nice and easy the first pass. When it came time to lean on it something wasn’t right. After looking at the data and tune, there was an issue. A few adjustments were made and it was on the track again. The car seemed to like the adjustments, but it still wasn’t right. Ending the day at 154.6 mph. As the crew looked things over it was determined the throttle body needed replaced. A quick swap in the morning, it was time to get to out on the strip. After one pass with the car transmission issues got to the Time Warp Racing Camaro. Not giving up Clark made the needed repairs, and he was back in the game. All the while, Pinky Drag Week piloted by Cal Hayward stays steady and consistent on every pass. Clark made a go of it on Sunday as he and Cal battled to hit the 200-mph mark on each pass. Clark experienced another mechanical issue that took him out of competition. On the final pass, Cal being tied with Clark at 199.1, edged out just a few more tenths to get the win. Pinky winning both Saturday and Sunday with speeds of 164.1 and 199.7. Cal decided to give it another go on Monday, as he let Pinky fly for an impressive 201.43 mph from a stand still. Traction was the biggest thing for the two competitors as their high-powered Bullseye Power Turbo cars laid in the power.  With Monday morning and a good wind, Cal was not about to give up on his event goal. As the night came to a close, and on the final pass, Cal ran side by side with a Lambo, running 201.43 mph. The 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, slightly edged him out at the line with 207.9 mph. What a close race!! Fortunately, both being in separate classes that 201.43 mph pass into the sunset, gave the win to Cal in the RWD class.

  As if the mechanical issues were not enough for Clark, he wasn’t about to stop having fun. Just a few days later he would pull his retired 1995 Hot Rod Drag Week Camaro, out of bed, and enter West Michigan True Street Drag Weekend. This was a three-day event that began at Mid-Michigan Motorplex in Stanton, Mi. After a day of racing at Stanton, drivers hit the road in their cars using only the tools they could carry in the car or trailer. And guess who was right there in the pack?? Yup, Cal was there with Pinky. These street cars just can’t get enough! Day two took the teams of racers to Martin Michigan, and US131 Motorsports park. Some drivers only needed to make one pass, others made a couple. The track was great and times were impressive. When day three rolled around, it was go time for the racers. The last leg of driving brought them back to Stanton to wrap it up. Without disappointment, the times were figured and Pinky went back to the winner’s circle. Taking first against some big names in the Drag Radial/10.5 class, Cal and Pinky took the street car over 300 miles, and one more trip to victory lane.

  Want more?? Well, so did Cal. Us131 Motorsports Park was the host to Triple Crown’s No Prep Race presented by Lane Automotive. In the big tire class, with the heavy hitters of Blaine Brothers Racing, Jimmer Kline of Go Fast Productions, Goldstone Racing and their Javelin, Cal took down one car after another. In the finals Pinky faced that Javelin of Bryant Goldstone, and beat him to the stripe. It was a great race to watch. Cal took home a nice cool cash purse of $5,000. Not a bad way to end the month… Or wasn’t he done??

  We now take you a few miles south. With a few hours rest Cal, and Pinky, as well as Bill Devine, and Bart Tobener took off for NMCA/NMRA Super Bowl of Street Legal Drag Racing. Bart Tobener, Tobener Motorsports, made his fastest pass to date with a 4.790@ 148 mph in NMCA Xtreme Street. Congratulations to the team on their accomplishment. Unfortunate for the team, they were shortly eliminated from the event in the following round. We look forward too many more passes like this from this team. Bill Divine in the Bullseye Power Mustang came into some issues with the Transmission. Some repairs were made and back on the track for round 1. Unfortunately, with a great pass with the car and things feeling good from the driver seat, the car decided to change plans as it had a mechanical failure ending the weekend for the team as well. That leaves one more car in the event to bring home the bacon. And lately, who else would you rather have than Pinky??? Yup, that’s right, blistering the field by over 2 seconds! Bullseye Power WAY out front! Congrats to Cal Hayward on another ring and record setting run with a 7.48 average, 7.242 fastest pass, and a 192.28 mph day! You could say Pinky owned July! Well done on a great month to all our racers and customers and here’s to another great month ahead! 

Powder at the stripe for Cal Hayward at Speed Fest
Clark Rosenstengel at Battle Creek Speed Fest
Clark At West Michigan True Street Drag Weekend
Bullseye Power At West Michigan True Street Drag Weekend
Wild Bill putting on a light show at Route 66 Raceway for the NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl of Street Legal Drag Racing.