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Bullseye Power Impresses at World Cup Finals

2016's Import vs. Domestic World Cup Finals at MDIR was a great event for Bullseye Power customers.  

Jerry Morgano made significant improvements all weekend long, running a 4.11 1/8 mile followed by a 4.08 pass to beat his previous best of 4.13!   Watch for this car to keep going faster and faster with his twin 450-94 BatMoWheel powered Disomma / VED SBF.  

Mike Ziccardi posted up a career best 192mph 1/8 mile trap speed with his JTM Motorsports Cuda.  Unfortunately the timing lights were tripped showing an abnormal redlight and effecting his ET, but it is clear the 88mm TCTs are going to put some impressive timeslips up with the hemi!

Jake Conant recently had his 76mm NLX upgraded to a newer design compressor wheel and cover, and showed up at MDIR to run an incredible 3 tenths of a second faster than his previous best, putting a 7.64 on the board in his 3300 pound, UPR and Haltech sponsored 5.4L Mod Motor street car!  

Len Bacon went on perhaps the wildest ride of the entire event, flogging his stock differential, independent suspension FD Rx7 to a personal best 1.21 second 60 foot on the back tire at about a 45 degree angle.  Taking the long way down the track and turning the wheel more than going straight usually isn't recommended, but Len managed to nearly match his PR, breaking into the 7.9s while sawing at the wheel in his 83mm TCT boosted, JPR Imports powered rotary.