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Drag Week 2016 Recap

Bullseye Power customers have once again made an impact at Hot Rod Magazine's Drag Week series in 2016.  

Clark Rosenstengel overcame a multitude of problems to take the win in Super Street Small Block Power Adder with his Steve Morris Engines powered Time Warp Racing Camaro.  Days 1-3 saw ETs from 7.80-7.83, but a cracked cylinder head (among other issues) slowed the car to an 8.52 on Day 4, severely jeapordizing his overall average and number one spot.  Rosenstengel thrashed and got himself back into the 7s on Day 5 to secure the number 1 spot with a week long average of 7.99 seconds.  Clark becomes the second Bullseye Power customer in as many years to win the class, taking the crown from Cal Hayward's 2015 winning Pinky Mustang.  

Frank Saponaro's beautiful Nova appeared on Day 1 with a newly refreshed Work Turbochargers boosted big block Chevy combination.  Now sporting 83mm Bullseye compressor wheels to compliment the Bullseye stainless steel compressor housings, the big wagon put up an impressive 7.62 on Day 2.  Engine problems would prevent Saponaro from reaching Day 3, but it is clear that once the bugs are worked out this new combination is going to be even more potent than before! 

Alex Corella's immaculate notchback was a model of consistency all 5 days.  After engine problems in the week leading up to Drag Week, the car behaved as commanded and put 5 runs on the board between 8.54 and 8.71,  netting an average of 8.63 for the single 83mm TCT powered SBF.  This landed Corella a third place finish in Street Race Small Block Power Adder.  

Greg Huizenga's 1983 Jeep was easily the slowest Bullseye Power turbocharged vehicle at Drag Week, running mid 11s, but it more than makes up for it with cool-factor.  A billet 66mm Bullseye feeds a very conservative 5psi to a modern 6.1 Hemi (thank goodness it's not another LS swap!).  Greg rows the gears of a TR-6060 6 speed with impressive consistency, and collected timeslips ranging from 11.53 to 11.72 for a five day average of 11.61.  Not bad for a 30+ year old grocery getter!